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HOLISTIC WELLBEING : What does that mean?

Holistic Wellbeing involves caring for the whole self as a unit. Your health includes your Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional Wellbeing.

It is important to balance all these aspects in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

Here is an excerpt of the transcript and video featuring Sameen Ansari (our Virtual Wellbeing Coordinator) from the DOBARA x Our Sacred Space “Tuning In” Webinar in Sept 2020.


When we speak of holistic well-being, here is what we mean :

Take this example, Imagine: you go to the gym, every day, and every day is leg day. You work out diligently, but only your legs. Imagine that! It would be an extremely uneven and unbalanced result.

Now when put this into the context of ageing, it might make more sense because, we are currently so focused on just developing and working on the medical aspect of ageing that we forget the rest of it : the emotional, the social and the mental aspects of it.

The point of healthy and active ageing is to avoid the frequent trips to the doctor.

DOBARA was created to offer positive options for our elders or soon to be elders to combat the negativity associated with ageing and to proactively work on doing it right; our focus is on QUALITY !

We are focused on keeping up with every single aspect of wellbeing so that we make sure that our seniors are aware of the assets that they are and that they are not treated as a liability or a wallflower.


With this in mind, DOBARA created a fantastic Virtual Wellbeing Program in April 2020, so that all our members continued to stay connected and active and involved.

Our unique Program is designed to be light, entertaining, engaging while constantly providing smidgens of important and valuable input towards holistic wellbeing.

The most important part is active participation. When the group works together, we create magic!

Here is a fun little Daily Wellbeing Checklist for you to use as a guide if you are looking for some inspiration. Enjoy and Stay Well!

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