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2021 :New Year = New You ... The CHOICE is Yours

Happy New Year !! Welcome to 2021!

If you are looking out for some New Years Resolutions, and asking yourself what can I do to make sure that I am staying Healthy, Fit and Active in this New Year...

Here are some tips : many of you already know them, but be honest with yourself and think of how actively you actually put these into practice.

1. Try and set up your day in a way which creates a routine : Routine and Consistency are the secret ingredients for success.

2. Find a sense of purpose, a sense of relevancy : whether it is a beautiful garden to tend to, adopting a pet, teaching children online, writing a blog, volunteering to help others …. Find your IKIGAI.
3. Eat healthy : Good nutrition is important. It is the founding stone of Self-Care. And that is our priority, to care for your self so that you can have a good and healthy life.
4. Move a little : This one is so important. We need to do some sort of activity that doesn’t necessarily have to feel like a back-breaking workout. This is something you do entirely for yourself. If you are confined indoors, make it a point every couple of hours to get up and walk about mindfully, from one end of your house to the other. Try out gentle Yoga, or Tai Chi, do breathing exercises…. Whatever you do , make sure you do something on a regular basis. Our bodies are quite resilient, but they need constant reminders of what they are capable of doing.
5. Indulge in Hobbies : This is your moment to shine; we have the time and we have the wisdom, so lets actively work on pursuing more of what we love to do. We are big fans of Life Long Learning here at DOBARA. Learning doesn’t have to stop just because we have reached a certain age. So go on, surprise yourself and others by mastering something new.
6. Build your social network : this one is definitely important. As we age, we tend to become more and more isolated. We think we have less to offer the world, and we tend to close ourselves up to new experiences. A lot of seniors that we have met have said “ It is so hard at our age to make new friends” and we can tell you – This is NOT true.
"The point of a social network is to have people that we can laugh with, people who share common interests, people who help us grow intellectually and emotionally, opening up to new experiences and new connections. As elders, we need to be open-minded and see the world with wonder and curiosity." -Mateen Ansari

Sometimes we tend toward doom and gloom and that doesn’t attract the right kind of bright energy. So start saying YES and start with small steps, be kind to yourself and to others. The world is full of beauty and wonder waiting for us to reach out and explore.

We can be who we want to be and we can really explore our true potential. And the best part of this is, we have nothing to prove to anyone, we don’t have to live up to any expectations. We just have to be the best version of ourselves.

Its about making BETTER Choices. The truth is, the choices that you make today, tomorrow and every day thereafter are ultimately what are going to determine your long-term health and wellness. And as we age, the choices we make become all the more important.

Now is the time to be using all of your skills and even better , developing NEW ONES!!

Start now,

start with something you’ve always wanted to do,

Start Small

learn to dance

take up a new language

reach out to a friend in need

decide to volunteer

build a routine

make new friends,

create and learn new things

Start to Stop : Stop doing something that is bad for you.

Start taking Control.

Start by making the right choices for you.

Good health comes from you.

The choices you make today are the ones that are going to make a difference in the future.
Let’s choose Healthy Ageing; lets RE-define The Experience of Ageing; Lets choose to be actively involved in our own future.

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Reliable rules to live by. Thanks

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