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DOBARA Cares : For effortless labour of love

Caregiving for elderly, disabled and post-surgery patients is a herculean task. Post-pandemic, the necessity for caregiving has intensified, its impact on life and work has increased, and so has the need for qualified caregivers. For this reason, ‘Dobara Cares’, an initiative by non-government organisation Dobara, has organised a 90-hour certified caregiving course starting next week. 

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DOBARA is all about happiness and celebrating advancing years

Being over 60 isn’t a prerequisite to joining DOBARA. In fact, DOBARA actively encourages younger members. Fostering intergenerational relationships is a goal listed in DOBARA’s manifesto. 

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Dobara: It’s never the end of the road

An event in Hyderabad attempted to bridge the gap between different generations, while honouring senior citizens of merit.

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Young and old walk through history

The streets of Charminar saw a number of enthusiastic people take part in the Inter-generational Walk where juniors (below 50) and seniors (above 50) participated.  The main idea was to get the two generations together through history.

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Govt, NGOs Become ‘Active’ To ‘Help And Care’ Elderly In Hyderabad

Many senior citizens are suffering  #KhabarLive published a report and several voluntary groups come forward to help and care for the elderly people across Hyderabad. 

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This seniors well-being network proves life begins at 60

“DOBARA has been constantly growing and adapting to create a platform for members to build a community, find a hobby, develop a passion or help someone with their skill set to enjoy longevity following the concepts of ikigai, neuroscience and gerontology,” says Mateen, adding that this process encourages seniors to thrive post retirement and “continue to be assets who give back to society”.

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The goal of DOBARA is to facilitate senior well-being.

DOBARA, a non-profit organisation for the elderly conducted a six-week caregiver training program at the Udai Omni Hospital.

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A special age-friendly visit to the Numaish 

''Along with the exhibition committee we have managed to get a date and time for seniors to visit the Exhibition, we have arranged exclusive parking and wheelchair facilities for the seniors.'' said Mateen Ansari, founder of DOBARA

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