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Memory Bank

DOBARA Group Photos

Every time we meet, we are so busy having fun that we sometimes forget to take a group photo to capture the moment; Here are the few times that we actually remembered to pose together and click! 

Wellbeing Activities and Get-Togethers

DOBARA organises lots of different wellbeing activities to promote healthy & active ageing. Our aim is to keep our minds and bodies active while spending fun times with friends. Here are some photos from these meet-ups...

GVK One Mall Visit

In July 2019, DOBARA organised a visit to the GVK One Mall in Hyderabad. Along with 35 senior citizens, we had an amazing troop of volunteers and a lot of support from the GVK One Management Team. We enjoyed a lovely indoor walk with our friends, did some window shopping and had a yummy lunch at Dil Punjabi while celebrating Mr.Gabriels birthday!

Visiting the Numaish 

In January 2020, DOBARA organised a visit to the Numaish for all our senior members along with the help of several wonderful young student volunteers. The Numaish management team were very helpful and we ended up having a fabulous time there. 


In November 2019, DOBARA organised an outdoor event for our members, a Vanabhojanam - which means : a meal under the shade of trees. It was absolutely delightful, out in the nature with good weather, yummy snacks and lots of fun activities with friends. Looking forward to doing this again!


Here are some snapshots of the events that DOBARA and our members have participated in. 

Carroms Club

One of our favorite games to play together is Carroms and DOBARA has a very fantastic Carroms Club with the very best players!


In March 2021, DOBARA members signed up with Good Universe NGO to do

a virtual walk for a good cause. Members joined from around the world and made it a success. 

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