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Dobara thanks its friends!

We are so blessed to collaborate and partner with some of the best, most innovative, proactive, knowledgeable, creative and inspiring people, organizations and companies in our pursuit to

spread Senior Wellbeing.


We are able to achieve so much, thanks to all the support and strength provided by our diverse network of friends and partners. 

Our Sacred Space

Our Sacred Space is a platform for Classical and Folk Art, Environmental Work, Inner Work, and Wellness. Their mission is to support an individual’s personal evolution through interdisciplinary processes: dance to theatre, and inner work that leads to personal transformation resulting in social action. Our Sacred Space offers an interface for teachers, practitioners, and learners!

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Email -

Phone Number - 9030613344

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HHF is an equal opportunity NGO in the health care sector with a mission to contribute to equity in health care by helping patients and the marginalised sections regain trust in public health service with easy access to facilities, courtesy charity fundraising or online charity.


Phone: 9985813020

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Hyderabad Urban Lab

Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL) Foundation is an interdisciplinary research and action initiative based in Hyderabad. Founded in 2012, by a group of academics and development professionals, HUL has been conducting urban research and community engagement activities on a range of themes related to life in the “Urban.” The idea is to produce enabling knowledges about the city that lead to a reasonable understanding of the issues and challenges inherent in urban coexistence.

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Vaishali Agarwal is the true essence of innovation by Vaishali. We are an established fashion brand, with a one stop shop concept for all your occasion wear. Vaishali Agarwal has been a part of this industry for more than 22 years now, growing and learning each day. Our aim is to fulfil the needs of every client and bring the best of designs to them. Our store is situated in the heart of beautiful Hyderabad, in jubilee hills.

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