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Bonsai Forest Making with Vijaya Rau : Video Demo

DOBARA is a social network for senior wellbeing. Our main focus is on promoting healthy and active aging.

One word we use often at DOBARA is "Well-being". For us this is an important word and concept as it refers to the way you feel - Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Socially - because all of these together encompass the essence of living. When all of these aspects are in a good balance, then we achieve a state of well-being.

To this end, we organise Wellbeing sessions with experts from different fields to share their knowledge and insights on activities and tools which can help us achieve a balance and find our own Wellbeing niche.

The influence of Bonsaï on Health and Well-being is wide-ranging. The Art of Bonsaï integrates relaxation, leisure and art therapy into one medium that can have personal, emotional and healing value. The Art of Bonsaï is considered to be equal parts of Science, Art and Philosophy.

With this in mind, our wonderful volunteer and Bonsaï expert, Vijaya Rau hosted a DOBARA Wellbeing Session online to show us how we can grow our own Bonsaï Forest.

Along with the visual demonstration on how to go about creating our own little home forest, Vijaya Rau also answers several questions from the audience such as:

What is the composition of the soil used to create a Bonsaï Forest?

Where can this be found?

How often do we water our Bonsaï forest?

Do all the plants in a Bonsaï forest have to be the same? and how many recommended?

How to wire and train a Bonsaï?

What to do with Bonsaï cuttings?

When is a good time to start growing a Bonsaï forest?

and more.

You will find the answers to all these questions and more including the full demonstration of how to create your own Bonsaï Forest from scratch in the video below.

"In India, Bonsai is getting increasingly popular. There are several organizations like Indo-Japanese Association and Indian Bonsai Society. There are also many local clubs. Until recently, I was in Mumbai, and I belong to Bonsai Chembur Club, and was its President for two years. Recently, I shifted to Hyderabad and am an active member of Friends Bonsai Society." - Mrs. R. VIJAYA RAU

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