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Syed Yousuf Sarmast - In Loving Memory

Here is a beautiful memorial by the grandchildren of Professor Syed Yousuf Shariffudin Sarmast - shared with us all on his birthday - 28th December.

A lovely collaboration between 3 cousins - Zara Junaid Sarmast, Nisa Rizwan Sarmast, Anaa Fatima Sarmast - who wrote letters to their Grandfather and made a video sharing their perspective of their grand-dad with the world. A beautiful way to honour and remember someone who was so important to so many of us.

I had a wonderful grandfather, one who in my eyes never grew old and one whose heart was solid gold.

- Nisa Rizwan Sarmast

A letter by Nisa Rizwan Sarmast to her grandfather
Letter to Beloved Grandfather Syed Yousuf Sarmast by Nisa Rizwan Sarmast

Dear Dadaba! Your wisdom and ageless love were crucial for my life and development.

- Zara Junaid Sarmast

an article written by a grand daughter about her grandfather
My Grandfather Syed Yousuf Sarmast by Zara Junaid Sarmast

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