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Hamara DOBARA Members Guide

Welcome to DOBARA - The Hub for Senior Well-being, Socialization, Bonding, Sharing, Caring, and More!

DOBARA is an equitable age-friendly Wellbeing platform where we consistently promote Healthy & Active ageing and overall Wellbeing through our wide variety of programs, events and activities. Our main areas of focus revolve around physical, social, cognitive, mental and emotional wellbeing.

It has been widely researched that the overall health of older adults can be greatly improved and preserved through Healthy & Active Ageing Programs such as the ones created by DOBARA.

Our work revolves around nurturing safe spaces for creative and artistic expression, promoting lifelong learning, giving back and finding purpose through volunteering and creating diverse, intergenerational environments through age-friendly and accessible activities.

We invite everyone who joins DOBARA to actively participate and collaborate - because together we form a Silver Reservoir of rich and diverse ideas and thoughts.

We genuinely feel that now is the time that through intergenerational collaborations and active participation, we can truly Re-imagine and Re-define the Experience of Ageing together.

Over the past 8 years DOBARA has made strides in laying the foundations for and building a vibrant Wellbeing Community. Through the pandemic, we adapted and moved to a Virtual Wellbeing format. Now we are back with a bang and with some new changes in place to help us achieve our goals and visions for our organisation.

Introducing the DOBARA Membership Program

As DOBARA continues to flourish, we require support from passionate individuals like you to help our vibrant community grow and thrive. Let's embark on an exciting journey together! Our aim is to engage each and every member, fostering a sense of dedication and commitment to DOBARA Senior well-being.

It is important to state here that as a community, you have all been absolutely fantastic when it came to contributing to and supporting important causes, giving generously of your time to help others and being present for each other. Thank you.

We also want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated monthly contributors. Your commitment and consistent support is truly commendable, and has helped us come this far and for this we consider you our esteemed Honorary DOBARA Members.

As a member of DOBARA, you'll have access to a wide range of exciting activities tailored specifically to enrich your social life, promote well-being, and provide opportunities for personal growth.

Membership in our group includes invitations to our curated and exclusive events, discounted member rates for activities, opportunities to volunteer and be a DOBARA Ambassador, monthly newsletters and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals in our close-knit community.


To maintain the quality of DOBARA and ensure its continued success, we have a one-time registration fee of Rs.100.

Additionally, we have an annual subscription fee of Rs.2500 for Individuals and Rs.4500 for Couples and/or 2 members of a family joining together.

Our members' financial support is appreciated, as annual membership fees provide us with the majority of our income and are used to run DOBARA both for general administrative purposes as well as to fund or subsidise our varied events and activities. Our financial year runs from August 1st to July 31st.

Please remember to complete your registration and pay your annual subscription before August 1, 2023. We encourage you to register early to secure your membership and take advantage of the upcoming DOBARA activities.

Here is the membership form :

GPAY Membership fees to 81256 30098

Additionally there are some New Rules which will be implemented from 18th July 2023 onwards :

  • DOBARA will be charging a nominal participation fee for all our events in order to cover basic expenses.

  • To ensure a seamless experience, we kindly request an RSVP sign up and online payment for event registration. This information allows us to better plan and organise events that cater to your preferences.

DOBARA - Stronger Together

Lastly, we would like to emphasize the invaluable role you can play at DOBARA. Our ultimate goal is to create a thriving community where we celebrate each member's unique skills, talents, and specialties. We firmly believe that together, we can make a remarkable difference.

We encourage you to embrace DOBARA as your own, an opportunity to contribute and make a meaningful impact. There are numerous ways you can get involved and become an integral part of our vibrant community. Here are just a few examples:

  • Volunteer Leadership: Step forward and take the lead on a project that resonates with your interests and expertise. Your knowledge and experience can be instrumental in shaping initiatives that directly benefit our members.

  • Event Organization: Help us in organizing, producing, and executing events that foster connection, learning, and enjoyment. Your input and creative ideas will undoubtedly enrich the experiences of everyone involved.

  • Promote and Support: Spread the word about our events and activities. Your active participation in promoting DOBARA will enable us to reach a wider audience and touch the lives of more seniors. Your voice matters!

  • Enthusiastic Participation: Your enthusiastic presence at our events is incredibly valuable. By actively participating and engaging with others, you contribute to the vibrant energy and sense of camaraderie that defines DOBARA.

Together, let's build a warm and inclusive environment where every member feels seen, appreciated, and celebrated. We firmly believe that by coming together and leveraging our collective strengths, we can create an extraordinary community that promotes Senior Wellbeing in all its facets.

We sincerely welcome you to join us in this remarkable journey. Your involvement, dedication, and passion are what will make DOBARA truly special. Together, let's make a positive difference and inspire each other along the way.

Sign up using this MEMBERSHIP FORM

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DOBARA is an excellent inspiring group & I am proud to be it's member though from remote.

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