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Celebrating Princess Niloufer's Birthday 2024

Niloufer Hospital, nestled in the heart of historic Hyderabad, boasts a fascinating history rooted in compassion and dedication.

Princess Niloufer

Established in 1949 by Princess Niloufer, whose lineage traced back to the former Ottoman Empire, the hospital holds a significant place in the healthcare landscape.

Princess Niloufer, married to Prince Moazzam Jah, son of the last Asaf Jahi ruler Mir Osman Ali Khan, shared a profound commitment to serving the underprivileged, much like Florence Nightingale. Inspired by a tragic incident in 1949, where one of her maids, Rafatunnisa Begum, lost her life during childbirth due to inadequate medical facilities, Princess Niloufer was deeply moved.

Determined to prevent such tragedies from recurring, Princess Niloufer approached her father-in-law, Mir Osman Ali Khan, highlighting the pressing need for improved healthcare. In an era where childbirth predominantly occurred at home, even minor complications posed fatal risks to both mothers and infants.

Fueled by her resolve and echoing the words "No more Rafaths shall die," Princess Niloufer spearheaded the establishment of a specialized hospital for women and children in the Red Hills area of Hyderabad. Mir Najaf Ali Khan, a member of H.E.H. the Nizam's Charitable Trust, attests to the princess's commitment to transforming grief

into a beacon of hope.

The genesis of Niloufer Hospital can be traced back to Princess Niloufer's philanthropy and unwavering sympathy for the less fortunate and the ailing. What began as a response to a heartbreaking incident evolved into a modern sanctuary, specifically catering to critical cases in the maternity department.

The legacy of compassion and care continues to shape Niloufer Hospital as a beacon of health and hope in the community.

Every year, on the 4th of January, DOBARA celebrates the birthday of Princess Niloufer at the Niloufer Hospital. Celebrating a Princess with heart and vision, DOBARA members along with students and volunteers converge at the Hospital and distribute gifts and food.

During the pandemic our Crochet Club made bonnets, hats and sweaters which were distributed to newborns. This year, 4th Jan 2024, our esteemed member, Neena Sharma who shares her birthday with Princess Niloufer, represented DOBARA at the Niloufer Hospital and visited the wards and distributed fruits, biscuits, coloring books and crayons.

Every year DOBARA provides further support to the hospital to make the hospital experience a little more pleasant for patients. In the past we set up a water cooler for visitors and patients and this year we opted to beautify the hospital by adding potted plants for more green serenity.

DOBARA celebrates Princess Niloufer Birthday

A Special Thanks to the Niloufer Hospital committee for their support, to Dr.Usha Rani and to our DOBARA members Neena Sharma, Moinuddin, Mr. Waheed, Daniel Fernes, Nikhat Ara , M. Fasiuddin and M. Anwar for their time and presence, for representing DOBARA Wellbeing and for spreading joy.

This is an annual tradition by DOBARA, so if you too would like to plan ahead and join us next year, please do let us know. We would be happy to have you join our annual Princess Niloufer Birthday celebrations.

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