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DOBARA 2020 in Review

2020 was quite a year. Yet, as a group, we made the best of it.

Here are some of the highlights, DOBARA 2020 in Review :

With 1 Main DOBARA FAMILY Group and multiple off-shoots including the Quiz Team, Knit and Crochet Club, and others... we are a happy group of 250 Members from all over the world, and from all age groups!

A recent group poll shows that the most popular age range in this group is 60 to 70.

While we were mostly unable to go out and help during this difficult year, we pooled our resources together and contributed towards helping our partners in their Pandemic Relief and Flood Relief Efforts. So in our special way, the members of DOBARA worked together to help those most in need.

We collaborated with several organizations and individuals in order to get groceries, ration kits, temporary housing, and essential services to those most in need during this year.

Apart from the Volunteers at DOBARA, here are a few of our partners :

Unique Child Care

Aamer Jaaved

This year, with our Virtual Wellbeing Program, we had to improvise and so with a brainwave from our Star Volunteer Riyaz, of GLOBAL SHORES , we started our very own Virtual Tambola Group in July 2020. This group meets on Whatsapp every Sunday at 3pm and plays a fun game organised by Riyaz. The excitement for this game comes from the Sponsors who provide prizes for the winners every week.

We are so lucky to have had 6 fabulous prize Sponsors in 2020.

JULY : Dentologie : Prizes included Dental Hygiene Kits and Free Consultations for the winners.

AUGUST : VAISHALI COUTURE: Prizes included couture Batua Bags and Face Masks.

SEPTEMBER : By Farhana of Millat Model High School, Hyderabad : Prizes included Face Masks, Luxury Pocket Squares and Beautiful Bags.

OCTOBER : CICONIA Customised Happiness through Online Gifting : Prizes Included everything anyone would need for travel; pillow, socks, blanket, journal, and so much more.

NOVEMBER : Sharing a Smile with LAASYA : Prizes included beautifully handcrafted aromatherapy Soaps.

DECEMBER : By Surekha : Home-made delicious Cupcakes !

Our Virtual Wellbeing Program has shown us that our DOBARA Quiz Team is comprised of some of the sharpest and wisest minds in the land!

And ofcourse, special mention to our daily brain workout : The DOBARA DAILY HUMBLE JUMBLE. This has been a daily activity since July 2020 when our Star Volunteer, Chandrasekar stepped up to the plate and took the reins.

We are also very honored to have been invited to participate in several note-worthy webinars :

1) Tuning In with Our Sacred Space

2) Wednesday Club

3) National Institute of Naturopathy

We organised some of our own ZOOM Events in 2020 :

1) DOBARA Chat&Chai with Roger Anunsen

2) Ek Shaam Maa Ke Naam Poetry Reading and Prizes

3) Manoranjan with Dr.Kamakshi Hatti

4) DOBARA December Zoom Party

5) Whatsapp Tips and Tricks Workshop by The Social Paathshala

2020 was also made extra special for us by our Star Volunteer, J.Afshan who gave us a unique gift... our very own DOBARA Documentary Film!

It is such a labor of love and so beautifully conveys our core message of a Strong, Compassionate Community focused on Senior Wellbeing and Healthy & Active Ageing.

All in all, this 2020 was quite the year.

Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in our DOBARA Virtual Wellbeing Journey. Let us all stay safe and healthy - stronger together for a better year ahead!

DOBARA 2021 will be action packed and full of brain healthy activities, heart healthy friends, and soul healthy pursuits !

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