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Celebrating 8 Months of DOBARA Virtual Wellbeing!

It is December 2020 and we are celebrating 8 MONTHS of the DOBARA Virtual Wellbeing Program!!

Earlier this year in March, we had to stop everything, the world came to a halt and that was a very difficult time for us all. However, in April, we came up with an innovative and unique program which adapted all our Wellbeing activities into an online format, the first of its kind : the DOBARA Virtual Wellbeing Program.

From laughter therapy, to reminiscence therapy, to music and art therapy, to the Science of Savoring, to self-reflection exercises, to easy to do workouts and yoga, brain games, Virtual Tambola Games, and Zoom Meetings ... we have done it all ... Online!

With over 200 members who have joined in and participated with great enthusiasm, we have now spent 255 Days bonded together through this virtual network for Wellbeing.

We have laughed, played, shared, helped others in need and most importantly we have stayed together and connected through everything that happened this year and it has been absolutely magical.

Thank you to all our DOBARA Members and Volunteers for their love, support and enthusiastic participation.

To celebrate, we are hosting a ZOOM PARTY on the 12th of Dec at 8pm India Time. Come join us!

Also, as a treat, here is a little celebration video we made :)

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