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A-Musings : Dacoit Arjun Singh

The year was 1957. Rajasthan was famous for dacoits like Phulandevi. I used to hear this while posted in Nasirabad.

Mrs. Nitranjan Singh became my 1st friend there. Her daughter Nina, very delicate & ladylike, cute and well behaved and my daughter, Sharmeen, plump-bubbly and full of mischief were good friends. We dressed them alike and Nina came with her orderly and caretaker, Arjun Singh ( Nuri praised him for his honesty and best behavior) to my place to play and eat with my daughter.

While the kids were busy playing, I asked Arjun Singh,

“What you plan to do after retirement ?”.

He replied very respectfully, “Hukum, I’ll go back to my old profession.”

I asked, “What profession Arjun?"

He said, “ Hukum, I was a dacoit, and now I am fully trained, I will be able to do better.” ( Translation : Dacoit = a member of a band of armed robbers)

I was shocked, I said "Arjunji please, hamaare ghar nahi aana.”

( Translation : Mr.Arjun, please don't come to rob our home)

He smiled,

“Hukum, Fauji Sahib log ke pass kya hai? Becharey -kuch nahi hota un ke paas!"

(Translation : Madam, What do soldiers have? Poor things, they don't have anything!)

Shaheen Moidu blog writer A-Musings for DOBARA

Shaheen Moidu is known for her energetic and lively personality. She is a passionate educator, eternal teacher, philanthropist, author, change maker and a fantastic storyteller. Even the mundane comes to life and becomes a valuable source of inspiration through her beautiful mind.

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