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A-Musings : A Young Admirer

Preschool Shahin Niketan (Somajiguda) was at a walking distance from Kanti Shikara, Punjagutta.

I preferred walking to my school and back instead of using a car. This way people saw me, wondered who I was and sometimes stopped to ask…it was good advertisement for my school!

I loved dressing up smartly, and from behind it is rather difficult to judge the person’s age. Once when returning home from school, walking on the footpath, I sensed a car following me in slow motion.

I got angry, and upset, but did not turn back or stop. I thought to myself that I would give a good hearing after reaching home. ( every dog feels brave in his own territory!)

Reaching my gate, I stopped and turned back to see a handsome dude in a red Maruti!

I stood in front of the car and shouted,

“Sharam nahi ati main teri Dadi Jaisi hoon "

(Aren’t you ashamed I am like your grandmother.)

He smiled and said

Well I was looking out for someone for my handsome dada!” (grandfather)

This left me speechless.

Shaheen Moidu is known for her energetic and lively personality. She is a passionate educator, eternal teacher, philanthropist, author, change maker and a fantastic storyteller. Even the mundane comes to life and becomes a valuable source of inspiration through her beautiful mind.

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