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A-Musings : At the General Store

Shanti store at Punjagutta was very close to Shahin Niketan, the school I started – the very first play school in Hyderabad.

All Punjagutta, Somajiguda and Banjara Hill kids were in it which was why it had become very famous.

Years later I happened to visit Shanti Store which was pretty crowded. I stood on one side quietly. The owner rushed towards me leaving others waiting.

An elderly gentleman said , “We have been waiting, you ignored us.”

The owner said, “ She was my Nursery teacher.”

“ Oh she was your teacher I am still your father.”

Everyone had a smile.

I said, “ I can wait; please serve him first.”

The gentleman smiled and said, “I was only joking. We just brought them into the world --- You taught them the correct art of living !!

Thank you Moidu Maam!”

Shaheen Moidu is known for her energetic and lively personality. She is a passionate educator, eternal teacher, philanthropist, author, change maker and a fantastic storyteller. Even the mundane comes to life and becomes a valuable source of inspiration through her beautiful mind.

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