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Introducing: DOBARA Tasty Tuesdays !

We are excited to announce that from this week, we will be introducing DOBARA TASTY TUESDAYS to our Virtual Wellbeing Calendar.

Every Tuesday will be dedicated to all things food related.

Healthy food, yummy food, tips and tricks and hacks and food magic.

Everyone is invited to share their ---->

Food Photos ( for example what did you eat this week that you want to show us?)

Food videos ( did you see some thing on the internet that caught your eye and might be nice for us to see too?)

Restaurant or Home Delivery Recommendations : spread the word if you know some hidden gems 💎

HOME RECIPES : This is the crowning glory of Tasty Tuesday, sharing our traditional, ghar ka recipes with each other.

Looking forward to enjoying some absolutely mouth-watering Tasty Tuesdays with this new addition to our weekly plan !

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