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Fond Memories by Tilak Raj Mehta

15th September 2021 is a very special day indeed- we celebrate our wonderful DOBARA Member, Mr.Tilak Raj Mehta's 90th birthday.

Here is a little introduction :

TILAK RAJ MEHTA Grad.Brit.I.R.E; FTC C&G(London);F.I.E.T.E. DOB. 15.09.1931

Worked in Indian Air Force, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and other Defence Production & Inspection Organisations. Charter President Lions Club of Hyderabad(Begumpet). Member of SAHAYA & SEVA emotional counselling centres. Active Member of DOBARA and Roshni Recreation Centre Engaged in Emotional counselling for the past 30 years.

He is turning 90 on 15th Sept 2021.

Single. His wife passed away in 2018. He is blessed with a son and daughter, both living in Hyderabad. He lives with his son, daughter-in-law, grand-son and grand-daughter.

His Hobbies : Listening, Adjusting, Demonstrating, Doing Yoga, Watching TV and enjoying the Chit-chat of the DOBARA Virtual Wellbeing Group. "In short living the life of a Mast Malang as a That Sanyasi". - TRM

Mr.Tilak Raj Mehta is an inspiration to us all. He always has the right input at the right time. His deep understanding of human emotions is such a blessing for us, especially the younger members of DOBARA who truly value his patient, compassionate way of "filling the gap" and being the person who guides and soothes.

The DOBARA Group is elevated thanks to the dynamic, empathetic and witty presence of Mr.Tilak Raj. To us he is a DOBARA Icon, a perfect ambassador of Senior Wellbeing! Bravo Sir!

On this special occasion, celebrating the 90th birthday of our extremely beloved member - we would like to share some "Fond Memories" by Tilak Raj Mehta.

Thank you Mr.Tilak Raj for your kind words and for your active participation in all the DOBARA Wellbeing activities! Your presence makes a world of difference in all our lives.

Happy Birthday to our DOBARA Icon, Mr.Tilak Raj Mehta!

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