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Celebrating a Centenarian : Shakuntala Patnaik

Happy 100th Birthday to Mrs. Shakuntala Patnaik from DOBARA

The 22nd of June, 2021 is a very special date indeed. We celebrate the 100th Birthday of our beloved DOBARA Icon, the epitome of a Super Senior, Mrs. Shakuntala Patnaik.

On this extremely special occasion, we would like to share a few written words by some of the DOBARA Members along with photos and achievements of Mrs.Patnaik.

Mateen Ansari, founder of DOBARA with centenarian Mrs. Shakuntala Patnaik
Mateen Ansari with Mrs. Shakuntala Patnaik
There is so much to be said in praise of Mrs. Shakuntala Patnaik! She is a lady I admire very much. She is independent, active, involved, full of interesting stories... I remember recently listening to her tell a very funny story here about how she was considered too old to get married in her time - she is the original breaker of glass ceilings!! A student of Madame Montessori, a graduate from Madras - she has travelled the world - knows seven languages - and with all her acquired knowledge and wisdom, she is so very humble and down to earth! She gives us so much to aspire to, a true icon.


Veteran of pandemics Mrs. Shakuntala Patnaik recalls how the world has changed
Deccan Chronicle article on Mrs.Shakuntala Patnaik
I was really impressing on reading the DC article on Shakuntala Patnaik. At 98 she feels she's healthier than her children. She has 4 children, 12 grandkids & 5 great grandkids, amazing!! She has seen 2 world wars, freedom struggle, Independence, 2 pandemics - plague & small pox.
Newspaper article on Mrs. Shakuntala Patnaik. A witness to the transformation
When she was based in Jakarta a deadly flu epidemic broke out and she, along with her family were quarantined at Sulawesi Island for six months. After her husband's retirement they returned from Taiwan to Hyderabad in the year 2000. She urges the present generation to not lose the thread of family bonding, which is so essential during these times of "stay-at-home" and global lockdowns.