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DOBARA receives the Nexus of Good Award

Nexus of Good is a movement to bring around good people to identify, understand, appreciate, replicate and scale good work that is being done in the society as a whole, Goodness should not go unnoticed is the goal of the movement.

DOBARA is so very honored to receive the Nexus of Good Award for Outstanding Work in Health and Wellness!

A Jury headed by Mr.Deepak Gupta, Former Chairman, UPSC has selected DOBARA as one of the Awardees for the work we do in promoting Senior Wellbeing and Intergenerational Collaboration. The work done by DOBARA ''truly epitomizes the objectives of Nexus of Good."

The award ceremony took place on the 27th of August 2022 at FICCI in New Delhi.

To receive our award, Mr.Chandrasekar went to represent all of us DOBARA and we are so proud to see the photos he shared and read his summary of the event.

RECAP of the Award Ceremony BY Mr.Chandrasekar :

It was an event attended by retired IAS officers, Chief Secretary UP, Chief Secretary Rajya Sabha, Chief of Ficci , Members/ Volunteers of Nexus Of Good and others. Lighting of the lamp by the Chief guest and other dignitaries was followed by speeches by the Chairperson of Nexus of Good , Chief Guest and others.

A jury had selected organizations / individuals across the country in 8 categories: Education, Health & Wellness (DOBARA), Agriculture, Community Service, Administration & Governance, Women Empowerment., Environment, and Mental Health .

Awards were announced and collected.

Excellent Vote of thanks in shudh hindi (no Hyderabadi would have understood a word!!) Followed by high tea. Of course as a Hyderabadi I had Chai.

A booklet giving details of the Awardees and their contribution was released. I have a copy.

It was a wonderful event filled with goodness and cheer. One of the speakers made an excellent thought provoking statement "'When rascals and scoundrels can get together and make people's life miserable, why can't good people get together to spread goodness and make people's life wonderful."'

The motive of this organization, Nexus of Good, is to spread goodness and appreciate individuals/organizations spreading goodness.


We are so honored and happy to receive this award for the work we all so love doing at DOBARA. Our goal is to promote Senior Wellbeing, Healthy and Active Ageing and to do our best to keep loneliness and isolation at bay for our seniors, juniors and in-betweeners. Our DOBARA Members and Volunteers have been consistently 'Filling the Gap' wherever they see the need and wherever they can step in and by doing so, they have filled the world with so much love and light! Thank you to our entire DOBARA Community for your support and encouragement, this award belongs to us all! BRAVO DOBARA !

The story of DOBARA and what we do has been featured on the Nexus of Good Stories Blog. You can read it by clicking here : DOBARA Virtual Wellbeing

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