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“DOBARA offers us wilting (?) Seniors a chance to refresh our thoughts … And to move on towards a better, more positive, more fruitful view of life. This is not the end we feared … but a very good beginning… DOBARA…DOBARA” By Nadira Tyabji. 21st Oct 2017

From Sister Anne Ponnattil, Principal at VIJAY Marie College of Nursing, Begumpet after having received a delivery of delicious home-made Sheer-Khorma by DOBARA on the 31st of May 2020. “Thanks a million for the lovely Ramadan special. It was too tasty. Sisters, girls, and helpers enjoyed to the full. We also shared with our neighbor’s convent, sisters of St. Francis. Thanks once again for taking all the trouble to put in lots of love in the preparation, for it tasted too good.”

Here is a message received on 1st April 2020 from our loving DOBARA Family member, Neena Sharma.“DOBARA means a lot to me. DOBARA, the name itself is so meaningful. We are getting one more chance in our life. It is a beautiful platform to learn, love and laugh”.

Here is a message received on 30th May 2020, following the end of our Well-Being During Quarantine Program, from, Laxmi Mansukhani.

“A big hug to Mateen and Sameen and the Dobara Team for the stupendous, fantabulous job for general wellbeing of all. 👍👍”.

Here is a message received on 18th April 2020 from Anwari Aleem, referring to our DOBARA Virtual Well-Being Program.“Making the most of it through the lockdown than any other group”.

Here is a message received on 18th April 2020 from Diva, referring to our DOBARA Virtual Well-Being Program.“Manish and Mateen thank you for the group and helping us keep our sanity”.

Here is a message received on 19th May 2020 from Beena Neha Rao.

“DOBARA…makes you feel special!

DOBARA…welcomes everyone with open arms

DOBARA…filled with beautiful folks"

Here is a message received on 31st May 2020 from Dr.Sultana Khan, about our DOBARA Virtual Well-Being Program.

“Life is an echo, it all comes back.

The good, the false, the true,

So give the best you have and the best will come back to you! This is what the DOBARA Family, specially Mateen & Sameen, have been doing!”

Here is a poem received on 30th May 2020 from our gifted DOBARA Family Member, Atiya Afsar, about our DOBARA ‘Well-Being During Quarantine’ 60 DAY Program.

“For the past sixty DAYS DOBARA has kept everyone entertained in different WAYS Each one had so much to share and SAY Tough time