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Ek Shaam Maa Ke Naam 2020

On the 31st of October 2020, we held an online DOBARA event : Ek Shaam Maa Ke Naam ( meaning : An evening dedicated to Mothers). This was a magical evening of poetry and prizes.

This year was the second edition of this event and it was the first time we were hosting it online. Last year the event was sponspored by Mrs.Farida Hussain in memory of her Maa, Begum Khadija Ansari. This year we dedicate this event to honor and celebrate all our mothers.

This is part of our DOBARA In Memory project. When dealing with loss and grief, one aspect which really helps is to celebrate a loved one, to do something in their name to honor their memory. DOBARA has several options of such programs from sponsorships to charity drives, events and others that we can help you with if you you too would like to do something in memory of your loved ones. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us :

Our Zoom Poetry event was extremely emotional and touching. We were in good company and the support and love was so encouraging. Thank you to all the attendees and all the participants who read their poems out to us. You all made it truly a magical evening.

A little background : In September 2020, we put out an open call to poetry and writings on the topic of Maa - Mother. As you can imagine, we received a number of beautiful submissions.

Now we would like to list out the winners of the competition.

A big round of applause for everyone!

(Tip : Please scroll to the bottom of the post to view a video summary of some of our LIVE poetry readings ! 🙂)






A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and to our volunteers who helped organise this event! THANK YOU also to all the participants who read their poetry and words for us during our Zoom event and CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners! It was truly a meaningful and beautiful night!

Looking forward to many more such wonderful meetings!

Now we have two treats for everyone reading this post :

First Treat : Here is an audio file of the poem which won 2nd Prize in the Urdu poetry category by Syed Hyder.

Second Treat : We have a sneak peak edited video of some of the poems that won prizes and were read during our online Zoom event.

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Congratulations for arranging / organising the beautiful and emotional topic .... .... I thank the organisers/team especially Shameen for the hard work and making me read my entry during the event and also awarding me a prize

Thanks again

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